This compounds can be used to improve fat digestibility and improve the efficiency of energy.

An alternative source for aquaculture.

A substances that added to feed as supplement to increase feed utilization and growth, and also increase livestock immunity.

The Compounds that can be used to control ammonia in the intestine.

Antibiotic growth promotor replacer for feed, serves to increase immunity, digestibility in gastrointestinal tract for animal performance.

Supplement as an anti-stress agent to relief from stress caused by heat, overcrowding, transport, disease and vaccionation.

Essential compounds for normal growth and nutrition.Its required in small amount in the feed and contributes in metabolic process. Vitamin deficiencies can cause metabolic diseases and growth disorders.

An organic or inorganic compounds that required in small amounts and this is essential for animals because mineral deficiency can make disrupted growth and metabolic disorders.

Inorganic chemicals that can help promote healthy growth in animal by controlling harmful bacteria and improving digestion, which can help guard against disease.

Substances that produced by microorganisms which acts as a catalyst to bring specific biochemical reaction in body. Enzyme can breakdown the component in feed (especially crude fiber and protein) to be smaller units which is increasing the digestibility of feed.

The sensory impression of feed, to enhance feed palatability for the animal livestock.

An organic compound with acidic properties, to reduce bacterial and fungal growth in feedstuffs.